Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gaming and Motivation Lesson Plan

Games played a major role in my action research project. I wanted to see how increased use of technology and games would engage my students in learning the concept of music note reading, and increase retention of this skill. While in GSM in June 2010, I pitched the idea of a game called Silly Staff, then created a version of it in Udutu during LMO the next month. This past April I used the Udutu with my 2nd grade students on our class SMART Board and made it accessible to students on my website as well. In addition, I created a practice game using the SMART Notebook 10 software. I still dream of seeing this concept become in reality an interactive game...

Pacing: The pace of my game would need to be fast, as elementary students have a limited attention span. In a classroom setting, rotating turns using their carpet seating rows works best.

Instructions: Instructions will be given from the Pedagogical Coach.
Controls: The learners will click or drag on the SMART Board or their own computer.

Knowledge: I expect my learners to have knowledge of the music alphabet and treble clef lines and spaces when they begin the game. After playing the game I hope the learners will feel confident in their skill with this concept.

Achievements: The short term victories for the learner are advancement in levels and rewards of stars and points. Successful completion of levels will receive positive feedback from the pedagogical coach. The long term victories include confidence in note reading that will make further musical instruction a more rewarding experience.

Story: Silly Staff loves words, but he is lonely! He asks his friends Treble Clef and the Note Family to help fill his life with the words that he loves. With their help, he won't be lonely anymore. (Remember this is for 2nd grade music students)

Endgame: Nasty Note throws in letters that are not part of the music alphabet. The Note Family has to clear those away and correctly spell the words on Silly Staff in the time limit for each level. When the final word is achieved, Silly Staff is happy, filled with the company of his friends, and the game is over.

Assessment: The built in assessments in this game are correct note spelling within the time limits set.

Timing: This game should last about 20 minutes of the 35 minute class period. Adding more word levels could increase the playing time.

Fun and Motivation: My learners enjoy games and especially anything that we can do on the SMART Board. I hope the novelty will not be lost. (This is why I continually strive to create engaging lessons and games.) This game involves intrinsic motivation. 2nd grade students can relate to loneliness and wanting their friends to share things they enjoy.

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  1. Having taught 2nd grade, I think that the story line is great! At this age, they still find it very important to not be lonely...or see someone have friends. I think that students would love this game, especially on the SMARTboard, as all students love coming up to the SMARTboard!

    I really like it!