Thursday, March 31, 2011


The Web 2.0 tool I chose is VoiceThread
Voice Thread involves selecting and uploading images, Docs or videos, recording comments, and sharing with others. Comments can be added in five ways: by voice with a mic or phone, with an audio file, text, or a webcam. Sharing makes it a collaborative experience!
I watched the tutorial video, uploaded a photo and created my first “voice thread”.

How will I use VoiceThread in my professional setting?
I am creating a course in Schoology called “Exploring Web 2.0” for a small group of students to use as summer enrichment. After experimenting with Voice Thread, I feel it would be a beneficial tool to include as an introductory activity in my Digital Storytelling unit. Students will have the experience of choosing a photo that is meaningful to them, recording their voice and thoughts about the photo, and then responding to the photos of others in the course.

I can see this tool being used in classrooms to give students practice in “reading” images or film, to build collaboration and higher thinking skills. I feel that it will engage students and be a meaningful educational experience.

On a more personal level, think about posting photos and sharing the voice thread with family members to add their own “voices”, thoughts and memories. My father died recently, and I would have loved to have his voice commenting on photos from my growing up years. Technology and Web 2.0 tools can be used to enhance not only education, but relationships and personal life as well!

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