Friday, April 22, 2011

ETC_Final Project

Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario- Kathy Kellen

Target Audience:
Colleagues in my district in a staff development setting

Materials needed:
• computer
• internet
• course materials
• created assets

• The educator colleague will analyze their course content.
• The educator colleague will design a course in Udutu that will engage students in learning.
• The educator colleague will create media assets to include in their Udutu course.
• The educator colleague will reflect on the process.

• Present Udutu as a course design option to colleagues in Staff Development session
• Have colleagues view my tutorial video
• Break colleagues into small discussion groups to brainstorm ideas for the course each will create
• Allow ample work time and be available for questions
• Provide resources
• Colleagues share their Udutu courses with members of the small discussion group
• Colleagues reflect on the process, provide comments to the members of their group and take feedback from others and make changes to the Udutu course

Web 2.0 Tool:
Udutu is an LMS that is user friendly and easily accessible through the Facebook applications of udututeach and udutulearn, as well as a URL that can be posted on websites.

Social Participation: The colleagues will be divided into small discussion groups by drawing a random number at the beginning of the session. In the discussion group they will brainstorm ideas for interactive units that would engage students with their course content. They will share ideas of media assets that could be created, and look at provided examples.

Connections: The colleagues will connect their individual course content with the new assets they are creating to include in their Udutu course. They will see the relevance of connecting with their 21st Century students through the engagement of the Udutu course and accessibility on their website.
The end product that will be created is a Udutu course that focuses on each colleague’s individual subject matter. It will be posted to their google site and made accessible to their students.

Each colleague will email me the (working) URL of their Udutu course. I will also ask them to share feedback on a discussion board on my google site.

In a later session meeting of the small discussion groups the colleagues will reflect on Udutu and the creation of their course.

I will reflect on the process, take feedback from colleagues, and incorporate changes as needed.

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