Saturday, April 16, 2011


This video is the rough draft of the first section of my tutorial for my RILS to be used in Staff Development in my district. I've learned more about the little tricks in Udutu and the biggest tip is "SAVE often!!"
To get support from Udutu (if needed) way at the bottom of the page is a link that sends a facebook message to the creator, Kris Udutu. I was very pleased with the help and support he gave me when I found that one of my courses had been corrupted. Pleased to report that it is up and running again! The personal touch care is to be noted!
An observation of self critique: I use the word "easily" WAY TOO MUCH!! I'll be changing that in my final tutorial edition!!
I'm really enjoying working with Udutu, and feel that the staff in my district will benefit from learning about what Udutu can do for them.

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