Thursday, April 14, 2011


For my RILS I have chosen to learn more about and develop my skills in Udutu. Udutu is a LMS that is free and easily accessible in the Facebook applications udututeach and udutulearn. To design courses you first create an account on My Udutu.
Udutu is easier than Adobe Flash, but still has some tricky aspects. My greatest advice is "save" after each thing you do! You have different theme choices, the ability to upload a logo, add a copyright for your work, choose fonts and sizes...and all this before you even add content!
Content may be audio, video, images and text. It helps to save your content in the library in case you need to change a screen or use something in a future course creation.
My RILS will involve a tutorial for staff development on creating a course in Udutu. More to come!

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